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Maeve Walker


Credit Cards House created the Estimated Value as an easy way to estimate how much you can save with a credit card before you apply. The Estimated Value combines the perks and fees for each card. By using the inputs in the left menu, the Estimated Value can be customized to your specific spending habits and needs.

Perks and Fees

The Estimated Value is comprised of two types of values: Perks and Fees.

  • Perks – the Perks are all the benefits and rewards associated with the card, such as sign-up bonuses, limited time offers, miles, points, cash back, and statement credits. Perks are generally earned through normal usage of the credit card.

  • Fees – Fees are the cost to you for owning and using the card, such as annual fees, interest, balance transfer fees, and foreign transaction fees.


To arrive at a true comparison for all credit cards, we performed a valuation of all credit cards types and assigned dollar amounts to Perks like miles and points. The Estimated Value equals the Perks minus the Fees.

Cash Back Credit Cards

For cash back credit cards, we simply combine the estimated cash back earnings over the years with the card, subtract any fees and interest accrued, and the result is the Estimated Value. The results are customized with the inputs in the left menu.

Miles and Points Credit Cards

For credit cards that earn rewards like miles or points, we estimate the number of miles or points you will earn with each card. We evaluate the rewards programs and apply a dollar value for each mile or point (for more information, see the Credit Cards House Credit Card Reward Values. We then combine the card earnings over the years with the card, subtract any fees and interest accrued, and the result is the Estimated Value. The results are customized based on the inputs in the left.

How to Customize the Estimated Value

To customize the Estimated Value to match your spending habits, use the inputs in the left menu. With the left menu, you can:

  • Show Me Cards For – Adjust the credit card list to show Consumer, Business, or Student credit cards

  • Type of Card – Select the type of credit card (Airline, Balance Transfer, Cash Back, Rewards, etc.)

  • Monthly Spend – Customize your monthly spending habits by entering your total spending for the month, or fine-tuning your spending by entering your monthly spending on Gas, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Airlines, Departments Stores, Entertainment, etc.

  • Monthly Balance – Add a monthly balance if you plan to carry a balance on your card. Don’t include any spending you pay off every month.

  • Credit Score – Select the credit score to show only cards for your credit rating.

  • Fees – show or hide cards by their fees. For example, you can exclude cards with an annual fee (but sometimes those are the cards with the highest Estimated Value, so be careful).

  • Balance Transfer – Enter an amount if you are interested in transferring a balance from an existing credit card. Also enter the interest you are paying on that card now to see how much a new card could save you.

  • Years With Card – Enter the number of years you expect to have the credit card.

  • Brand – Limit the cards by brand (American Express, Visa, Discover, or Mastercard)

  • Issuer – Limit the cards by the credit card company or bank that is issuing the card (American Express, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Citi, USAA, etc.)

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